Yale School of Management Alumni

Understanding and Using the Insights Provided by the Alumni Community

Your Participation Reflects Your Commitment

  • Over 1800 respondents, 27% of all alumni
  • Response by decade consistently strong
  • Strong basis from which to draw conclusions<
  • Greater response than seen at comparable benchmarked institutions in consultant’s database (Fuqua,Tepper, NYU Stern, Berkeley Haas)
  • Indicates strong interest in the future of SOM

What We Learned About Alumni

You Made the Right Choice: 95% feel that attending SOM was either an excellent or good decision

Why You Chose Yale SOM

You Enjoyed and Valued Your Experience

94% describe their experience as a student as good or excellent

The Student Experience at Yale SOM

How You Feel About the School Today

94% of respondents have a good or excellent overall opinion of the School today—the opinion is even higher in recent years

What Impacts Your Opinion of Yale SOM

Career Satisfaction

93% of respondents are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the course of their career

Multi-Sector Career Switching

Over half of the respondents have switched sectors during their career. Many of our earlier classes from the 70s and 80s have seen more transitions between sectors than more recent classes. We hope to determine in future surveys whether this pattern continues as more recent classes progress in their careers.

The current sectors of respondents are:

  • Private  67%
  • Non-profit 17%
  • Public  8%
  • Other 9%

Our Mission and Objectives

Our Mission is Our Focus

  • 94% of alumni rate our mission as very important or critically important
  • Shows a strong consensus among alumni on the ongoing importance and meaning of the mission of the School
  • With a strong unifying mission, we can address our ongoing objectives more effectively 

Achieving Our Ongoing Objectives is Strategically Important

Our ongoing objectives shape how we put the mission into practice today:

  • Be the business school that is most integrated with its home university.
  • Be the most distinctively global U.S. business school.
  • Be recognized as the best source of elevated leaders for all sectors and regions.

Findings indicate that:

  • there is more work to be done in better defining and clarifying objectives
  • the School needs to communicate more to alumni about what we are doing in these areas