Refinancing Yale International Student Loan

We are pleased to share an exciting refinancing loan opportunity.  Quorum Federal Credit Union has agreed to offer you the opportunity to refinance your Yale International Student loan on the following terms by March 1, 2016:

  • 6.75% fixed interest rate
  • No origination fee
  • The loan term will be approximately the same length as the remaining term of your Yale International Student Loan

Please find information regarding this refinancing opportunity below. You can apply for this offer from Quorum using the following web link:

Next Steps:
  • Review this information, including the FAQs.
  • Find your payoff amount for the Yale International Student loan.
  • Apply online using this link.
  • If your loan application is approved, Quorum will directly send your loan balance to ACS to pay off your Yale International Student loan. Quorum and their partners will then service your Quorum loan, and you will no longer pay ACS or Yale University.
  • Please note that membership with Quorum must be established with a Basic Savings Account prior to completing your loan.

If you have any questions while submitting the application online, please contact Ellie Macina at Quorum FCU.

If you have any other questions, please email the Office of Financial Aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Loan terms in a nutshell







What's the advantage to this new loan?

It should be cheaper for you. The international student loan market is beginning to open up a little more, and Yale is at the vanguard. We’ve been working for several months to get a lower rate loan for you. It means your entire student loan would be refinanced with a Quorum loan at the lower interest rate.

What's the disadvantage to this loan?

You’ll need to complete the online form at If you have a U.S. credit score, they will check it. They also ask for two US-based references. It may take 30 minutes to complete this application.

Where do I find my loan repayment terms and amount?

You’ll need to contact ACS, the company Yale uses to service your loan. If you just graduated and your loan hasn’t gone into repayment yet, please contact Yale at Be sure to request the ‘pay off amount’.

I have questions about the application. Whom do I contact?

You can always start with the Office of Financial Aid, but the Quorum loan specialist is the best person to contact. Once you start your online application you will see their phone number and email address available.  Another great contact is Ellie Macina at Quorum FCU. She can be reached at 914-641-3786 or

Will I have to pay two different loan servicers when my loan goes into repayment?

No. Quorum will pay off your Yale loan. You will have one loan with Quorum.

Why can’t Yale just decrease the interest rate on its loan?

Yale is a preeminent research university, but not a commercial lending institution. Yale came up with this loan program to address market demand in 2008, but we don’t really want to be in this business.

Step-by-step Online Application Instructions