Single Sign-On Help

The new alumni website allows you to link one or more of your social media accounts to the site to ease future logins and access secure areas of the site. We currently authenticate with the follow 3rd party services: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Yahoo!. Of course, you may continue to use your Yale NetID and Password. 

Here are the steps to connect one of your social media accounts:

Select the social media account you would like to link to the alumni website from the login page. The alumni site will contact the social site and ask for some basic information to identify you, then will attempt to match the data that comes back to your existing Yale SOM account. 

The system may ask you for additional information (such as your class year) if can’t make a perfect match the first time. If a successful match is made, we will send you and email with an activation link for you to click and to confirm that you wish to link your social account to Yale SOM. 

Special note: The message will come from the email address If you have any junk mail management or spam-blocking software in place that refuses emails from unknown sources, please make sure you add this address to your trusted senders. 

Once you have clicked the activation link in the email, we will bring you back to the alumni site where you will log into the site using the newly linked social media service. And that’s it! We know it seems like a lot, but we take these security steps to protect you.

If for some reason we couldn’t make a good match between your social media account, you might try to link a different social media account. If you still can’t make a link, let us know and we’ll investigate the cause. But have no fear, you are still able to login with your Yale NetID and password. 

If you need help locating your Yale NetID and password, just drop us an email and we’ll get you connected.