Meagen Eisenberg '04

Meagen Eisenberg ‘04, CMO of TripActions, shares how her career has run the range from start-ups to enterprises, focusing on innovative technology. 

Meagen Eisenberg

What have you been up to since Graduation (career, volunteer work, personally)?
Currently, I serve as the CMO of TripActions, delivering the best experience in business travel booking, services and payments to enterprise and mid-market companies across industries. We are at an exciting stage of the company, growing at a 5X year-over-year rate.  Prior to TripActions, I’m incredibly proud to have helped MongoDB scale as their CMO, taking them public in October 2017 (NASDAQ: MDB). Shortly after the IPO, I was featured as the protagonist in a Stanford GSB case study on MongoDB, which I recommend reading. I have advised more than 20 startups with 11 successful exits since 2011 as an operator and advisor, including two IPOs (NASDAQ: MDB and DOCU) and nine mergers and acquisitions. I currently hold three board positions at G2, TinyPulse and Reactful, and I’m a limited partner at Operator Collective

As for my personal life, since graduating I married Dr. Michael Eisenberg of the Yale Medical School Class of 2004. He is a urologist at Stanford University and also advises six healthcare and tech startups. I am fiercely proud of my three amazing daughters -- Brie (10), Eloise (8), and Audrey (5). I love to spend time with my family, which also includes our three adorable French bulldogs -- Hamilton, Pikachew, and Otter.

What impact has Yale SOM and being a member of the SOM community had on your life and/or career?
I attribute much of my success and rise in my career to CMO to the skills I gained at Yale SOM.  Yale’s exceptional focus on providing depth of learning, and the fact that the professors are among the best in their fields, helped provide a strong foundation for my business career. And, of course, I met my husband at Yale, which made a huge -- and very wonderful -- impact on my personal life.

The school’s mission is to educate leaders for business and society, looking at your current career and interests, what does this mean to you? 
When I think about society today and as a mother of three daughters, I can see a need for equality and diversity in the workplace, and I’m driven to address this. In my position, I have a great responsibility -- and opportunity -- to lead and support diversity. I take time to mentor women in their careers and believe efforts and groups like Operator Collective and Women 2.0 matter a ton. We need to set great examples for our leaders of the future and support women. I am honored to be in a position to make a difference in how society treats women.

TripActionsWhat drives you to do the type of work that you do?
I am fascinated by Silicon Valley with all of its amazing startups and innovative products built in the last 20 years. What’s inspiring to me is the impact these companies and apps have on our lives. Technologies that didn’t even exist as recently as a few years ago today allow me to be who I am as an executive and a mother. Apps like Gmail calendar--which we use for our family calendar and I use at work--DoorDash, Urbansitter, DocuSign, SportsEngine, Uber,, TripActions, Instagram, Nest, Waze, Shutterfly, DryBar, Amazon and a dozen others allow me to be more productive and efficient in my work and personal parenting life. They allow me the time I need to be focused on what matters at work and spend time with my children. They help me avoid getting bogged down on time-consuming tasks that don’t add value and focus instead on what’s most important. Imagine if our own mothers and parents had these productivity and helper apps in their lives -- even just a cell phone would have transformed their lives and ours as children.

I love building and scaling companies and have a passion for the strategy in going to market-- marketing and sales. I derive a lot of personal satisfaction from hard work and creating something in the market. This keeps me engaged and excited to come to work every day. 

How/Why do you stay engaged with SOM as an alum?
I look back on my time at Yale SOM fondly. What I learned about business and life at Yale SOM has been key to my success. I walked away with a much broader perspective on running a business, and I gained a deep understanding of the many functions across a business. My focus on strategy and marketing while at Yale made me a stronger business woman. 

My husband and I both received our graduate degrees from Yale, and we appreciate the strength of the Yale Alumni Network. Yale played an important role at a pivotal time in my career, when I switched out of IT and into Marketing for technology companies. I’ve valued my learning and the connections from Yale SOM and the Yale Alumni Network who have advised me along the way.

What excites you the most about what is happening at Yale SOM today?
Meagan and Michael EisenbergThe new SOM campus is stunning and provides an amazing environment in which to learn. I love the work that Professor Ravi Dhar is doing around Yale Center for Customer Insights.  I’ve seen some valuable research from the center around customer behavior, purchasing decisions, and the binary bias. And Kyle Jensen has done amazing work with the Entrepreneurship program, providing rich experience and understanding of how to build innovative and successful businesses from leading-edge technologies. He pulls together an amazing network of leaders and experience that’s bringing value to Yale start-ups.

What SOM memory or tradition do you remember most fondly?
My fondest memory is meeting my husband at the end of the first year at a MD / MBA party - and then one year later experiencing our graduation walk together. The shared experience of our time at Yale has been part of our lives as we’ve built our careers and grown our family.

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