Guidance on Hosting In-Person Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a great amount of uncertainty, particularly as it pertains to in-person gatherings and events. We sympathize with those who have had to cancel or reschedule planned events and those deliberating over how to move forward on events for the spring and summer. We know how much time and effort is involved in planning, and how personal many of these decisions can be.

To that end, we want to share our current policy and offer some guidance on how to move forward. While we are encouraged by the recent rollout of vaccines and, like so many of you, eagerly await the warmer weather and more time outside, until further notice the Yale SOM has no plans to hold in-person events. We recognize that the Yale community is one that spans the globe and that the situation differs by community and location. But with the continued uncertainty regarding the path ahead, we encourage you to be thoughtful in your approach to upcoming events and to plan with care and caution.

Above all else, please respect local guidelines and ordinances regarding gatherings – as well as those of any facilities where you may consider hosting events – acting in accordance with your comfort levels and the safety of yourselves and those around you.

We are eager for a time when we can be together again, celebrate with each other, and assemble in pursuit of light, truth, and oftentimes, levity. In the meantime, we will continue to invest time and effort in online programming that we hope you’ll find of import and interest.