From Deputy Dean David Bach: Yale SOM Launches Dual-Degree Master's Programs

September 13th, 2017

Dear Yale SOM alumni,
This week, we officially begin our recruiting efforts for a new program at Yale SOM, the Master of Management Studies in Global Business & Society (MMS-GBS), the second track under the MMS degree umbrella following the earlier launch of the Master of Management Studies in Systemic Risk. Whereas the Systemic Risk program is designed for emerging leaders at central banks and financial regulators, the new nine-month GBS program is focused on the “early career” segment of students with little or no full-time work experience and will be offered in conjunction with Global Network schools.

David Bach, 
Deputy Dean & Professor in the Practice of Management

Scanning the landscape, we are seeing that there are terrific young people, particularly from outside the United States, looking for management education soon after college that do not fit into a traditional MBA program, and we have not been able to add value to them or to have them benefit from the Yale perspective on leadership and management across sectors. For some time, and benefiting from alumni input, we have been thinking about how to best enter this segment, and rather than moving in a fairly traditional way by offering a Master in Management (MIM), as some of our US peers are doing, we are leveraging our Global Network. 
Students in the program will spend one year studying in a MIM program at a Global Network schools and will then spend the second year at Yale SOM, earning two masters degrees in two years. For this we are working with four “core schools” – FGV Sao Paulo, HEC Paris, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Sauder School at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver – through a common marketing platform that we call M2M, as in master-to-master, as well as with other Global Network schools already active in this segment. Our goal is to encourage high potential college graduates particularly in STEM disciplines, social sciences and the humanities to consider launching their careers by studying for a year in Sao Paulo, Paris, Hong Kong, Vancouver or another global hub represented in the Network, followed by a year at Yale. The program website just went live here, a press release is on the SOM website, and Poets & Quants, the premier portal for management education, has just published an article about the initiative.

As I mentioned at the outset, an important impetus for this program is to ensure that we deliver on our mission to educate leaders of business and society in a world in which a growing number of future leaders, especially from outside the United States, pursue routes to leadership positions through management programs other than traditional, full-time, two-year MBA programs. It is no coincidence that the new program’s name borrows heavily from the school’s mission.

An additional strategic goal is to further strengthen our ability to support students’ job search around the globe, with benefits for students in all SOM programs. Our intent is that the vast majority of GBS graduates will find attractive positions outside the United States and our careers team will work with their counterparts at the four core schools and global employers to this end. 

How can you get involved and help? First, we hope that you can spread the word about the new program and this innovative global collaboration, among fellow alumni as well as potential applicants. Second, after GBS students arrive at Yale next year, we will seek opportunities for many of you to meet them – your achievements and commitment to the school and its foundational mission will be an inspiration to them; at the same time, your feedback about the group will be critically important to us as we fine tune the program. Third, we hope you will work with us to think about how to optimally integrate alumni of the program into the broader SOM alumni community, particularly via chapters outside the US.
We look forward to working closely with all of you to make sure this new program lives up to everybody’s very high expectations.
David Bach 
Deputy Dean