SOM Alumni Advisory Board Ratifies New Charter & Policies with Unanimous Vote

February 7th, 2017

By a unanimous vote (19 of 19 votes cast, with two board members not voting), the SOM Alumni Association Board today ratified a new charter for the group, now re-named the SOM Alumni Association Advisory Board. Together with the charter, a policies and procedures document defining the transition process from the old board to the new one was passed by a unanimous vote. 

The development process for the new charter, policies and procedures began in earnest last September, when the board voted to eliminate SOMAA's unincorporated 501(c)3 and re-organize as an advisory group within SOM and greater Yale, bringing the SOMAA into alignment with other Yale alumni organizations. Board vice-presidents Michael Barker '10 and Patrice Wolfe '89 led the charter development committee, which included board members Devrim Celal '96, Elise Eplan '88, Jonathan Fitch '78, and vice-president Jon Rubin '86.

"Our goals include an enhanced advisory function for the Board and greater collaboration between the alumni community and various SOM administrative units such as Admissions, the CDO, and Alumni Relations," said Board president Suzanne Francis '80." The Board will also work closely with the Dean's Office to offer advice on strategic issues affecting alumni and the school."

The charter, policies and procedures documents establish a new process for nominations and selection of a slate of new board members, followed by a vote on the slate by alumni. The plan provides for a transition period of three years to reduce the size of the board to 15 voting members. The new charter also specifies two officers, a president and vice-president, and provides an ex-officio seat and vote on the board for SOM’s Executive Director of Alumni Relations.

Among the next steps for the Alumni Advisory Board will be working with alumni and SOM staff to identify nominees for a slate of new board members. A vote on the slate by SOM Alumni will take place prior to the Alumni Advisory Board’s next meeting in April 2017. Board positions are open to all SOM alumni. To suggest a nominee, or place yourself in consideration, please contact the SOM Alumni Advisory Board for information about the nominating process at: 

For further reference, here are links to: text of the September 2, 2016 transition announcement and a list of current members of the SOM Alumni Advisory Board.

For further information or questions about the changes outlined above, please email the SOM Alumni Advisory Board directly.