Sign up for the SOMAA Alumni Mentor Program

October 2nd, 2015

On behalf of the Yale SOM Alumni Association (SOMAA) and Yale SOM Student Government, we invite you to participate in the SOMAA Alumni Mentor Program.  In order to learn more about the program, to sign up as a mentor, to update your details or to opt out if you no longer wish to participate, please click here. [Please note: If you signed up previously to be a mentor, but haven’t logged in in the past few years, you will be removed from the system if you don’t log in this year.]

The objective of the program is to pair SOM alumni with current students who either have similar career interests or are evaluating different career opportunities.  Students value the advice and mentorship they receive from alumni, so mentorship is a great opportunity for current students and alumni to connect and engage in enriching conversations.  Please note that there is no expectation that the mentor will directly assist in the student's job search by providing an introduction to the mentors' current or former employers or by networking on behalf of the student.
We are extremely grateful for the outstanding level of alumni support we receive for the program each year and look forward to another great show of hands this year.  The strength and involvement of our alumni with students is one of the greatest assets of Yale SOM. Alumni who have participated in the program have found it to be one of the most fun, and rewarding ways to remain connected to Yale SOM and most importantly, our students. For an inspiring example of how the mentor/mentee relationship can help both parties, we encourage you to read this story about Tyler Van Leeuwen ’14 and his mentor Roberto Jiménez ’09.

Please click HERE to participate as a mentor.

Thank you as always for your support.

Best Regards,
Pam Farr ‘78
President, Yale SOMAA