2016 SOMAA Board Nominations Now Open

October 30th, 2015

Dear Fellow Yale SOM Alumni,
We are seeking nominations to the Yale SOM Alumni Association (SOMAA) Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning in April 2016.

The Yale SOMAA Board serves a key role in fostering engagement of the alumni with the school and each other. This is your opportunity to nominate someone you believe will contribute in a meaningful way to strengthening relationships across the community. Board members attend four full-board meetings per year, two in New Haven and two via conference calls, and they work on committees throughout the year.

To nominate yourself -- always welcome -- or another alum, simply email yalesomalumni@yale.edu. Please include a very brief statement as to why the nominee would make a valuable Board member. Nominations close Tuesday, November 24th.

We are also pleased to announce the formation of our first International Alumni Council in Europe. The Council will send an appointed representative to SOMAA Board meetings. Thus, alumni in Europe may prefer to be nominated for a three-year Board position, or become involved in their regional Council. We plan to follow with Councils in Asia, the Americas, and other regions.

Best regards,
Julien Mininberg ’86 B.A. ‘90, Past President and Nominating Committee Chair

Board members:
Pam Farr ‘78
Toddy Turrentine ‘80
Elise Eplan ‘88
Rob Danzig ‘93
Rick Hunt ‘81
Off-board members:
Sue Dorsey ‘81
Andie Sehl ‘81
Chris Francazio ‘96