Marc Freedman '84, "The Guru of Second Act Careers"

June 23rd, 2015

You've reached a certain age -- over 50? 60? 70? -- and stage in your life: Your energy level is still high, the desire to help others is stronger than ever, and the concept of retirement makes you shudder.

So what do you do?

It is a question Marc Freedman, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based, has grappled with for decades. And more than grappling, Marc has found many answers for people seeking purpose in their later years.

Marc was one of the founders in the mid-1990s of the Experience Corps, which is now part of AARP, and has been working ever since on programs to put older people's talent and energy to work on social issues such as poverty, human rights, health, education, social justice and protecting the environment -- anything that improves the lives of young people and the prospects of future generations.

He has written four books on the subject, is a frequent speaker, has been a visiting scholar at Stanford and visiting research fellow at the University of London, and was selected as 2014 Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the World Economic Forum and the Schwab Foundation.

Marc and I were classmates at the Yale School of Management. Marc always struck me as a thoroughly likable, focused, if somewhat reserved guy. We also seemed to share a desire to do something different from the management consulting and investment banking careers most of our classmates yearned for.

Though he is a few years younger than I, Marc is the father of three young children -- particularly interesting for someone who works mostly with people who are in their grandparenting phase.

Joe Seldner '84 interviewed Marc recently about his career and the achievements of

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