Record Number of Alumni Participate in 2014 SOMAA Survey

May 5th, 2015

More than 15 percent of the SOM alumni community responded to the SOMAA’s biennial survey conducted online over the fourth quarter of 2014.  This represented a record level of participation, according to Patrice Wolfe '89, chair of the SOMAA’s Marketing and Outreach Committee, which formulated the survey and analyzed the results.

“First and foremost, we want to thank each of the many alumni who took the time to complete the survey and share their thoughts and comments with us,” said Wolfe.  “In addition to the almost 1000 alumni who responded to the questionnaire, we received almost 2000 individual comments from alumni on our open-ended questions.  That’s a truly amazing number.”

Findings and recommendations related to the survey results were presented to the SOMAA Board on April 18.

Key highlights of the research included the following:

--The response rate leaders included the Class of 2009 and the Charter Class, both of whose response rates exceeded 25 percent. Fourteen classes had response rates of 15 percent or more.
--Alumni from every region of the world responded.  Non-U.S. alumni accounted for roughly 23 percent of the total respondents.
--The highest level of activity interest was in reunions (57 percent of respondents) and SOM-sponsored events in alums’ local areas (47 percent).
--More than 70 percent of respondents reported that they had read email from local chapters or SOM Alumni relations in the past year, although only 20% reported that that they had participated in a SOM webinar or watched an SOM video.
--Almost 50% of respondents said they were interested in knowing more about volunteering.
--When asked what changes might increase their engagement, the top responses from respondents included “more convenient times/locations” for activities, “sector-specific networks and events” and “more webinars and live streaming of events.”
--The top two preferences for new activities or programs among respondents were “continuing education and professional development” and added “CDO and career networking programs.”

Alumni can view a slide presentation with detailed research results online.

Based on the research findings, the Marketing and Outreach Committee provided recommendations to both SOM and the SOMAA Board.  These included formalization of the survey as a biennial activity; extending alumni outreach efforts by SOMAA; development of targeted outreach activities reflecting varying alumni needs based on differing life and career stages; and recommendations related to redesign and relaunch of the alumni website.

In addition to Wolfe, members of the Marketing and Outreach committee who worked on the survey included Rob Danzig '93, Kerry Dinneen '84, Jeff Feldman '95, Lee Feldman '80, Suzanne Francis '80, Rick Hunt '81, Ryck Lent '90, and Rocky Query '82.

Alumni with questions regarding the survey can contact any of the above committee members.