A Letter from the Board of Advisors

Dear Fellow Yale SOM Alumni,

Last week the Yale SOM Board of Advisors held its spring meeting at Edward P. Evans Hall for the first time. The presentations and discussions affirmed that SOM continues to fulfill its founding mission to educate leaders for business and society. We were particularly encouraged by the following:

•The school has developed programming focused on a wide range of sectors. These programs include the reconstituted Leadership Development Program, Global Network for Advanced Management curricular innovations, and the just-launched Entrepreneurship Program.

•The foci of Yale SOM’s MBA for Executives program now include healthcare, sustainability, and asset management.

•SOM student leaders recently expanded their Integrated Leadership Case Competition to include six Global Network schools from four continents. Student leaders have also held stellar annual conferences focused on important sectors and issues, including education, healthcare, philanthropy, and the environment. These are widely viewed as major forums for policy discussions in these areas.

• Bill Donaldson and Ted Snyder are holding joint sessions with alumni on the ongoing relevance of the founding mission.

During our meetings, we experienced firsthand that the physical infrastructure and technological capabilities of Evans Hall are helping Yale SOM advance its mission. Many of us attended the opening conference less than four months ago, when faculty and alumni focused on major issues facing business and society.

We also recognize that the efforts to carry the mission forward have led to many changes. In addition to the move to Evans Hall, the following ten changes are noteworthy:

i.  Launching the Global Network for Advanced Management;
ii.  establishing a new Master of Advanced Management degree for graduates of Global Network schools;
iii.  the upcoming conversion of the International Experience Requirement to a broader Global Studies Requirement;
iv.  the development of Global Network Weeks and Small Network Online Courses; 
v.  the expansion of the Dean’s Office;
vi.  broadening of the MBA for Executives program beyond the original healthcare focus;
vii.  expansion of the student population, both through adding the MAM program and growing the two MBA programs (full-time and executive);
viii.  launch of a new Entrepreneurship Program;
ix.  the announcement of Yale’s new Leadership Center in Beijing, operated by Yale SOM; and
x.  adoption of a new grading policy and appointment of a faculty director of the core curriculum.

The board discussed the new grading and listened to student representatives. The board agrees with the dean and students that process and transparency could have been better, but understands and supports the rationale behind the new policy.

It is not expected that all students, faculty members, and members of the alumni community will support each of these many changes. Indeed, we recognize that some in the Yale SOM community may feel that too much is changing too quickly, particularly with regard to the decision to change grading policy.

However, we as a board want to express our support for the faculty and dean for developing and implementing these important initiatives with the support of many alumni. These initiatives both respond to and anticipate the changing academic and global landscapes. The results will strengthen the school we hold dear, preserve our culture, focus our attention on big issues, improve the excellent academic environment at SOM, and increase opportunities for our students and alumni in the years to come.

We invite all Yale SOM alumni to become yet more involved and increase the positive impact the school is having on business and society.


William H. Donaldson ’53 B.A.

Timothy C. Collins ’82 MBA

G. Leonard Baker, Jr.’64 B.A.
Eric P. Bass ’05 MBA
Frances G. Beinecke ’71 B.A.,’74 MFS
Joshua Bekenstein ’80 B.A.
Roland W. Betts ’68 B.A.
Pamela G. Carlton ’80 J.D./MBA
David S. Daniel ’82 MPPM
Vispi Daver ’01 MBA
Philip N. Davis ’85 MPPM
Edward J. De La Rosa ’81 MPPM
Jeremy Eden ’78 B.A., ’86 MBA
Michael R. Eisenson ’81 MPPM, ’81 J.D.
Charles D. Ellis ’59 B.A.
Pamela Bronk Farr ’78 MBA (SOMAA President, 2014-16)
Edward C. Forst
Frederick Frank ’54 B.A.
Seth Goldman ’95 MBA
Robert R. Gould ’81 B.S.
Gail Harrity ’82 MPPM
Stephen P. Hickey ’83 B.A.
Brad Z. Huang ’90 MBA
Reed E. Hundt ’69 B.A., ’74 J.D.
Ellis B. Jones ’79 MPPM
Richard L. Kauffman ’79 M.A., ’83 MPPM
Jerome P. Kenney ’63 B.A.
Neal L. Keny-Guyer ’82 MPPM
Susan S. Kilsby ’84 MBA
Edward Miner Lamont, Jr. ’80 MBA
Austin Ligon ’80 MBA
Harley Lippman
Linda A. Mason ’80 MBA
Henry F. McCance ’64 B.A.
William E. McGlashan, Jr. ’86 B.A.
Ruth R. McMullin ’79 MPPM
Joseph C. McNay ’56 B.A.
Julien R. Mininberg ’86 B.A., ’90 MPPM (SOMAA President, 2012-14)
Christina Minnis ’87 B.A.
Robert R. Morse ’77 B.A.
Wendi Deng Murdoch ’97 MBA
Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. ’59 B.A.
Martha Samuelson ’76 B.A.
Jeffrey W. Schroeder ’90 MPPM
John R. Shrewsberry ’92 MPPM
H. Boon Sim ’92 MPPM
Charles L. Slaughter ’85 B.A., ’90 MBA
Hugh D. Sullivan ’82 MPPM
Mary C. Tanner
Frederick O. Terrell ’82 MPPM
Sandra A. Urie ’85 MPPM
Tito Vidaurri ’90 M.A., ’91 MPPM
Michael J. Warren ’90 B.A.
Susan Z. Weil ’88 MBA
George U. Wyper ’84 MBA
Lei Zhang ’02 MBA, ’02 M.A.