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Poison Pill: Why The New Reform Bill Will Make Medicare's Problems Bigger - and Even Harder to Fix Originally published in the The Boston Globe (12/7/03). By Jacob S. Hacker and Theodore R. Marmor

January 27th, 2004

Tomorrow, President Bush is set to sign Medicare's biggest overhaul in 38 years into law. But after watching the shrill yet perfunctory debate that culminated last week in the passage of the bill, even close observers of Washington politics can be forgiven for wondering just what exactly it was all about.

Research by Ed Kaplan Recognized for Shaping Public Policy

January 10th, 2004

The December issue of OR/MS Today revisited Franz Edelman Award finalists in the not-for-profit sector to see if their research has had lasting value. Professor Ed Kaplan's New Haven Needle Exchange research with Elaine O'Keefe, which won the Edelman Award in 1992, was cited for helping to formulate lasting public policy in this area.

Yale School of Management Opens The NASDAQ Stock Market

December 18th, 2003

New Haven, Conn.—December 18, 2003—Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Associate Dean for Executive Programs at the Yale School of Management and Founder, President and CEO of The Chief Executive Leadership Institute, presided over the market open of The NASDAQ Stock Market this morning at NASDAQ's Times Square MarketSite in New York City.

Happy Days: Are They Here Again? Nation's CEOs Gather to Address Recovery and Growth And to Honor Jack Valenti, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of The Motion Picture Association

December 16th, 2003

New Haven, Conn.—December 16, 2003—With the resurgent stock market, cheerful economic indicators, rising corporate profits, and geopolitical calm, 140 business and top policy leaders gather at the 48th CEO Summit of The Chief Executive Leadership Institute of the Yale School of Management to determine if these conditions will continue past this holiday season. The invitation-only conference, "Happy Days: Are They Here Again?" takes place at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, December 18-19, 2003.

Project by Arturo Bris Receives Funding from the Q-Group

December 4th, 2003

The project by Professor Arturo Bris titled, "Closing Time? The Signaling Content of Mutual Fund Closings," was selected by the Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance, also known as "The Q-Group," as one of the five papers to be funded this year by the Institute in a national competition.

Shyam Sunder's Spam Study Sheds Light on Internet Legislation

November 21st, 2003

The Yale Daily News (11/14) reported that a study conducted by Professor Shyam Sunder is shedding new light on the debate over the regulation of Internet privacy, specifically unsolicited e-mail, as the House of Representatives considers legislation.

Alumni Sample a Dim Sum Brunch in Southern California Organized by Stephanie Cheung '03

November 19th, 2003

Sunday's Dim Sum Brunch at the bustling Sea Harbour Restaurant in Rosemead was a culinary coup, as two tables of Yale alumni feasted hungrily upon a bevy of Chinese delicacies carefully selected by our very own Stephanie Cheung '03.

Jonathan Koppell Publishes The Politics of Quasi-Government

November 19th, 2003

Promising increased efficiency and superior service, the quasi-government has grown as governmental functions have been delegated to new entities combining characteristics of public- and private-sector organizations. In his new book, The Politics of Quasi-Government (Cambridge University Press; $60.00), Jonathan Koppell argues that control of public policy is sacrificed when public policy is carried out by such hybrid organizations.

Florencio López-de-Silanes on the Best Way to Punish Corporate Criminals

November 19th, 2003

Professor Florencio López-de-Silanes' paper, "What Works in Securities Laws?" received hundreds of downloads after a Slate.com (9/24) story on the best way to punish corporate criminals linked directly to it. The study, co-authored by Rafael La Porta (Dartmouth) and Andrei Shleifer (Harvard), examines the effect of securities laws on stock market development in 49 countries.

CDO Events

November 18th, 2003

Below you will find a link to our convenient online registration form. We anticipate that a large majority of the 238 members of the class will choose to participate in on-campus recruiting, which starts in mid-January.