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Jeffrey Garten Contributes Commentary to Financial Times

April 26th, 2006

Jeffrey Garten contributed the op-ed “How America can be safe and open for business” to the Financial Times. The piece dealt with the Lucent-Alcatel merger.

Will Goetzmann Featured in HBS Working Knowledge

April 26th, 2006

Will Goetzmann and Geert Rouwenhorst’s book The Origins of Value was featured in the HBS Working Knowledge newsletter. The article also contained an interview with Goetzmann about his research interests.

Ed Kaplan Talks to Lawmakers About Insurance Denials for Travelers to Israel

April 26th, 2006

Ed Kaplan spoke to Connecticut lawmakers about the insurance industry’s practice of denying coverage to travelers who head to “dangerous” locations such as Israel.

Owen Lamont Comments on Recent Short-Selling News

April 26th, 2006

Owen Lamont’s short-selling research and views on short-selling were featured in The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswire, Financial Post, and Philade

Barry Nalebuff Appointed to Nationwide Board

April 26th, 2006

Barry Nalebuff has been appointed to the board of directors of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. The appointment was reported in the Columbus Post Dispatch.

Ted Marmor Debates Mass. Law for Universal Health Care

April 26th, 2006

Ted Marmor participated in a week-long debate on the website of Legal Affairs magazine with Michael Tanner, Director of Health and Welfare Studies at the Cato Institute.

Doug Rae Praises New Haven Plan to Develop 26 Acres of Unused Land

April 26th, 2006

In the New Haven Register, Doug Rae praised New Haven’s plan to redevelop 26 acres of land between Legion Ave. and North Frontage Road.

Geert Rouwenhorst’s Commodities Research Cited

April 26th, 2006

Geert Rouwenhorst’s study “Facts and Fantasies About Commodity Futures” with Wharton’s Gary Gorton was featured in the Dow Jones Newswire “Getting Personal” finance column, The Wall Street Journal, the Christian Science Monitor

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld Discusses Weill’s Succession, Leadership at GM and the White House

April 26th, 2006

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld discussed Sandy Weill’s succession process at Citigroup on Bloomberg Radio.

Shyam Sunder Presents Talks in U.S., Europe

April 26th, 2006

Shyam Sunder was the one of the Opening Plenary speakers at the 29th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association in Dublin, Ireland. His presentation was entitled “Why Reconsider the Top-Down Push for uniform Financial Reporting Standards”.