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January 23, 2003

Monday, January 27Aventis Pasteur DirectorsTom McFaddenDirector, U.S. Competitive Intelligence Mary GadekDirector, U.S. Strategic Marketing11:30 a.m.

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Library News: Time Savers

January 23, 2003

The Library (http://www.som.yale.edu/ssl/) site on CampusNet can save many hours of fruitless searching, especially if you begin your search by clicking on "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ'S) on the sidebar. FAQ's contains essential information about using the library as well as a run down on how to find the full text of newspaper and journal articles without leaving your home or office. Taking a few minutes to read this page will save loads of time in the future.

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Global Eradication of Smallpox

January 23, 2003

The global eradication of smallpox stands among the most critical public health achievements of the last century. Edward H. Kaplan, the William N. and Marie A. Beach Professor of Management Sciences at the Yale School of Management and Professor of Public Health at the Yale School of Medicine, continues to argue that in the event of a smallpox bioterror attack, rapid mass vaccination of the population in the area of the attack is preferable to ring vaccination, where only the contacts of smallpox cases would be vaccinated.

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