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14 February Thursday

February 11th, 2002


Matthew Spiegel

February 5th, 2002

Professor Matthew Spiegel was cited in a recent Forbes article on innovative ways to diversify your investments.

K. Sudhir

February 5th, 2002

The SSRN (http://www.ssrn.com) recently published K.

Martin Shubik

February 5th, 2002

Writing about the economic turmoil in Argentina, the New Haven Register called on Professor Martin Shubik for his expert analysis.

David DeRosa

February 5th, 2002

David DeRosa testified in the trial involving the sale of Enron's energy trading business to UBS Warburg. The story was reported on CNBC as "Breaking News."

Shyam Sunder

February 5th, 2002

Professor Shyam Sunder joined the editor of the corporatelibrary.com and professors from the University of Chicago and the University of San Diego in a Wall Street Journal online roundtable discussion on Enron's accounting practices.

Ed Kaplan

February 5th, 2002

January 24th found Beach Professor Ed Kaplan in Pittsburgh presenting his new approach to estimating the probability of winning the presidential election to the joint Carnegie Mellon/University of Pittsburgh seminar on applied decision modeling.

Paul MacAvoy

February 5th, 2002

Professor Paul MacAvoy's paper, "What is Wrong with American Telecommunications,?" was added to the SSRN's Top Ten download list.

Roger Ibbotson

February 5th, 2002

In an article on the effects of the Enron Bankruptcy on the stock market as a whole, The Wall Street Journal cited Professor Roger Ibbotson.

Rick Antle

February 5th, 2002

Professor Rick Antle served as an expert commentator for CNBC during Senate hearings on the accounting profession.