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2nd Annual China Study Trip

May 10th, 2004

Professor Zhiwu Chen and a group of 20 students spent their 2-week spring vacation discussing business strategy with senior management from 22 companies across China.

Yale SOM in Russia

May 9th, 2004

During spring break 2004, five current students from Russia provided an insider's tour to the best of Moscow and St. Petersburg – including the best MBAs (from SOM, of course) currently working in the country.

Yale SOM Students Comment on SEC's Proposed Mutual Fund Disclosures

May 9th, 2004

The website of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission features the commentaries of 38 students from Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld's MGT 623, Strategic Leadership Across Sectors class, on proposed new regulation of the mutual fund industry's reporting requirements.

Alumni Publish Article in the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance

May 9th, 2004

Bob Ames '03 and Anthony Corridore '03, along with Paul MacAvoy, Williams Brothers Professor of Management Studies, published an article in the Winter 2004 edition of the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance.

Matt Spiegel and Shyam Sunder Reunite MGT 948 Alumni

May 6th, 2004

Professors Matt Spiegel and Shyam Sunder organized a reunion and networking event for former and current students of MGT 948 - Security Analysis. Nine alums of the course, now working in the financial services industry, and four current students joined Spiegel and Sunder for cocktails and dinner at the Yale Club in New York City on March 31. All enjoyed the opportunity to review how their investment recommendations had fared over time.

What Do Hot Dogs and Organic Farms Have in Common?

May 6th, 2004

On April 24th, the Environment SIG invited Dan Horan '95 to share general lessons he has learned on leadership and entrepreneurship. In his talk, he gave a real flavor for his day-to-day activities as CEO and President, and described the challenges of running both Papaya King and, earlier, an organic farm.

Jesse Johnson SOM & FES '01 speaks to the Double Bottom Line and Environment SIGs on his environmentally-friendly furniture company.

May 6th, 2004

The Double Bottom Line and Environment SIGs, co-sponsored by the Yale SOM Alumni Association, invited Jesse Johnson SOM & FES '01, to talk about how he started his environmentally-friendly furniture company.

Feeling Stuck? Sandra Spataro's New Book Can Help

May 5th, 2004

Unstuck, the new book by Assistant Professor Sandra Spataro and Keith Yamashita, a founder of Stone Yamashita Partners, is a practical resource to "help you move forward when everything else seems to be headed in reverse."

Generating and Sustaining Nonprofit Earned Income: A Guide to Successful Enterprise Strategies

May 4th, 2004

Nonprofit organizations often find themselves caught in the "funding trap," beholden to foundations and donors for financial support. In today's economy, most nonprofits can't afford to rely on outside contributions as their sole source of revenue.

Yale School of Management Receives $1.6 Million to Build Behavioral Finance Program

May 3rd, 2004

New Haven, Conn.—May 4, 2004—The International Center for Finance (ICF) at the Yale School of Management has received a $1.6 million grant for the study of behavioral finance—The Whitebox Advisors Grant—bestowed by Andrew Redleaf, Yale '78 MA, '78 BA, and his company Whitebox Advisors.