Yale SOM Exchange

Yale SOM Exchange is the Yale School of Management’s series of online conversations. This series provides alumni and the entire Yale SOM community with opportunities to keep learning about faculty research, current events, and career strategies. Below is a list and recordings of all past events. Please visit the alumni events page to view all upcoming webinars in this series.

All Exchange events are sponsored by the Offices of Alumni Relations, Career Development, and Communications. Questions/comments/or ideas about the series should be sent to yalesomalumni@yale.edu

Meet the Legal Cannabis Industry (March 2020)

Meet the Legal Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is an increasingly big business, even as its legal status remains murky. Join us for a conversation with Yale SOM alumni in the industry about the state of legalization in the United States and elsewhere, new technologies, sources of capital, and the role of social equity.

How Digital Technology Can Empower Healthcare Consumers (October 2019)

greg licholai

A wave of startups are using digital technology to give individuals the ability to understand and navigate their care, monitor chronic conditions, and control their own health records.

Systems Entrepreneurship for Social Change (September 2019)

webinar slide

Complex social problems are beyond the scope of any one organization; they require a joint effort among a variety of groups, and someone to catalyze that collaboration—a systems entrepreneur. 

Other Past Events

  • Launching Your Startup After Graduation (July 2019) Watch Here [Featuring: Tristan Botelho, Rochelle Alley ‘06,  John Bourne ‘10, and Denis Ring ‘84]
  • Do I Even Want Power? (April 2019) Watch Here [Featuring: Heidi Brooks]
  • The Power and Joy of Connecting across Generations (February 2019) Watch Here [Featuring: Marc Freedman ‘84]
  • Can Personal Values Survive a Politically Extreme Era? (May 2018) Watch Here [Featuring: David Bach, Cristina Rodriguez, and Michael J. Warren]
  • [Careers Webinar] The Power of Your Network! (May 2018) Watch Here [Featuring: Marissa King]
  • How Does an Idea Become a Startup? (February 2018) Watch Here [Featuring: Jennifer McFadden ‘08 and Brad Hargreaves YC ‘08]
  • A Conversation with Vivek H. Murthy ’03 MBA/MD, 19th Surgeon General of the United States (January 2018) Watch Here [Featuring: Vivek Murthy ‘03 MBA/MD and Marissa King]
  • Can Technology Make Us Happy? (October 2017) Watch Here [Featuring: Amy Blankson ‘06]
  • Will Big Data Change the World? (June 2017) Watch Here  [Featuring: Nicholas Christakis, Meagen Eisenberg ’04, and Harlan Krumholz, MD]
  • How Do Mayors Get Things Done? (June 2016) Watch Here [Featuring: Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Richard Berry, Byron Brown, and Madeline Rogero]
  • What Keeps the Poor from Adopting New Technology (March 2016) Watch Here [Featuring: Mushfiq Mobarak, Brian Lobue ‘08, Lindsey Stradley YC ‘03, and Andrew Youn YC ‘00]
  • What’s Next for the Eurozone? (December 2015) Watch Here [Featuring: Andrew Metrick, Kyriacos Sabatakakis ‘86 YC, Mary Tanner, and Stavros Thomadakis ‘68 YC]
  • How Do You Encourage Innovation? (October 2015) Watch Here [Featuring: Florian Ederer, Ashley Goldsmith, Robert Mulroy ‘91, and Phil Ventimiglia ‘96]