Self Assessment

Do you need some new insights into your career? Self-assessments can help you consider different options and confirm types of careers that might be right for you.

Research Tools

Industry research resources can help SOM Alumni understand new industries, develop target lists, and stay current with industry news. All research tools are currently located in GradLeaders for alumni. 

Career Transitions

Many alumni have left the mainstream work force to take care of other matters – children, caring for elderly parents, illness, etc.  Alumni transitioning back into traditional career paths may feel intimidated or lack the confidence to actively market themselves.  Moreover, one’s professional networks may be dormant and alumni may feel out of touch with market dynamics. To help with this transition, the Yale SOM CDO has collected resources to help these alumni successfully rejoin the workforce.  

Resumes and Cover Letters

Developing a professional resume is one of the most important components of a job search or career transition. The resume is one of the primary tools used to market your experiences, qualifications, accomplishments and interests as they relate to your desired position.


Networking is a critical component of any job search or career transition as it provides the opportunity to develop relationships that help you gain insight into an industry, specific company, or career path. It is also the method through which 65-80% of jobs are found.

Job Postings

Did you know that many of the jobs listed our career platform, MBA Focus are best suited to graduates with a few years of post-MBA experience? If you are looking to make a career change, be sure to visit our job postings.


The Career Development Office is pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in virtual mock interviews through a partnership and investment in InterviewStream.

Offers and Negotiations

While it is difficult to obtain definitive information on salaries, we've compiled a guide of sources to help you best understand current conditions within many sectors and industries.


For alumni who own their own businesses, career development is advancing company growth – leveraging entrepreneurship resources and conducting business development.  Below are resources for entrepreneurs to grow their companies and themselves.

Global Career

The purely local enterprise no longer exists. Business leaders have to understand supply chains, data networks, trade policies, cultural differences, and political dynamics. They need to compete in a global marketplace. Learn more in our guide to a global career.

Boards and the Third Act

Some Yale SOM alumni seek to transition to part-time work and/or participate in corporate governance/volunteer activities at some point in their careers. The following resources may aid in finding these types of opportunities and managing the transition from full-time work to other types of professional engagement.