SOS for SOM Students--Jobs and Internships!

September 8, 2020

Dear Fellow SOM Alumni:

The global pandemic has changed the lives and plans of literally billions of people worldwide, including many of you reading this blog post. Among the consequences of coronavirus, there is one that is especially important to SOM, and that SOM alumni can do something about: increasing internship and job opportunities for current SOM students.

The situation is obvious enough. When economies shut down and entire sectors went to virtual work, millions of internships and jobs disappeared in a blink. As coronavirus sorted out the economic winners and losers, some jobs came back, but not nearly as many as were eliminated and, with the virus still lurking and further government support uncertain, the future is unknowable.

So here is the hard ask: if you have open jobs or internships in your organization that are appropriate for new or soon-to-be MBAs, send an email today, right now, to Abigail Kies, the assistant dean for career development at SOM. This is especially the case for organizations with jobs to fill outside the United States, where challenges for SOM students are especially acute.

If your organization doesn’t have jobs or internships available right now, current students also need mentors and advisors to help them think about their career trajectory, to share insights about working in a specific industry, or to help them network to a friend or colleague who can help further their career aspirations. There are more than 50 student clubs and groups at SOM, so reach out to the group or groups where you think you can make an impact.  A full list of groups and contacts is online here, or send an email to and we’ll make the outreach for you.

As alumni of SOM, you are uniquely positioned to champion current SOM students as a rich pool of talent for your organization. You embody the innovation and skills that are typical of SOM graduates, and your employer and colleagues know firsthand the contributions that SOM graduates can make to an organization of any size or type. In short, you have already laid the groundwork for further hiring from SOM at your organization. 

Promoting stronger connections between SOM alumni and current students is a top priority for the entire Alumni Advisory Board.  Our Career Development Committee, led by Ramin Abtahi (MBA ’02), has a special focus on supporting SOM’s Career Development Office.  We welcome your ideas, suggestions and support to help us help SOM any way we can. Please feel free to drop us a line at any time.  You can reach us at

SOM students need us now, more than ever. Thank you!

Matt Broder ‘87
Yale SOM Alumni Advisory Board

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