Nominations Open for Alumni Advisory Board

December 18, 2020

Dear Members of the Yale SOM Alumni Network,

The Yale SOM Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) Nominating Committee is asking for your help and guidance in the process of nominating new AAB members. 

The AAB works to advance the values and mission of SOM, to collaborate with and counsel SOM leadership, and to engage with alumni, students, and greater Yale. To accomplish these goals, the AAB: 

  • Discusses key issues with the Dean and SOM Leadership;
  • Articulates the diverse perspectives of alumni and advocates for alumni needs;
  • Collaborates with SOM staff and departments on shared priorities;
  • Grows alumni engagement;
  • Fosters communication among alumni, students, and SOM;
  • Promotes SOM to potential applicants, employers, and key stakeholders; and
  • Connects to the broader Yale community.

Here is the AAB’s membership today:

Name Service years degree class  year location
Jeff Juger (Chair) 5 MBA 2011 CA
Sojung Lee (Vice Chair) 3 MAM 2013 Singapore
Matthew Broder (Secretary) 2 MBA 1987 CT
Ramin Abtahi 2 MBA 2002 NY
Jill Bauman 1 MPPM 1987 CA
Joseph Brandifino 1 MBA 2018 CA
Fay Chen 2 MBA 2008 NY
Claudia Gourdon 2 MBA 1978 CT
Benjamin Freedman 2 MBA 2015 CA
Manka Khanna 2 MBA 2018 TX
Mandy Krumnow 1 MBA 2018 MA
Charles Liu 2 MBA 2011 Hong Kong
Tony Lynn 2 MBA 2014 CA
Shannon Marimon 5 MBA 2010 CT
Babasoji Maurice-Diya 1 MBA 2010 Nigeria
Victor Padilla-Taylor 1 MBA 2010 CT
Gilbert Santa Maria 1 MBA 1991 Philippines
Olabosipo Sawyerr-Bassey 4 MBA 2007 Nigeria
Maya Sudhakaran 1 MBA 2014 NY

The 2021 Nomination Process
The participation of the Yale SOM Alumni Network is vital to a successful AAB nominating process. Last year our alumni network nominated a high percentage of those alumni who submitted applications.

Who is eligible to serve on the AAB? According to the Charter, anyone who has successfully completed any degree program granted by Yale SOM may serve on the AAB.

How many will be nominated? Per AAB's policies and procedures, we are looking to identify a slate of up to 2 candidates to keep the board total at its maximum 20 members.

What is the procedure for nominating a candidate? Send an email to  Please provide the nominee's name, other identifying information (e.g., degree, class, and email address/phone number) and reasons for your nomination. All persons who are nominated will be contacted and asked if they would like to submit an application. Self-nominations are encouraged! All nominations must be received by January 15, 2021. 

What is the procedure for evaluating candidates? All candidates will submit a resume and a statement of the reasons for wanting to join the AAB. They will be interviewed over the phone or video call by two members of the Nominating Committee. All committee members review the application materials and interview notes in order to propose a slate.

The work of this committee is a great pleasure and tremendous privilege. We hope you will join us! 

Best regards,

Charles Liu ‘11
Nominating Committee Chair

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