How the Alumni Advisory Board (and its Volunteer Network) Amplifies SOM Conversations

October 1, 2021

Starting this summer, in partnership with the school’s alumni relations office, the SOM Alumni Advisory Board’s Communications Committee and a team of Social Media Champions is seeking to increase the strength of our network of alumni and students by amplifying Yale SOM conversations.

Our guiding question has been: what messages do we need to convey to our entire Yale SOM network to build loyalty and boost engagement with the school?

As chair of the communications committee, I am thrilled to be joined by Matthew J. Broder ‘87, Sojung Lee 13, and Stuart Tarmy ‘87 in seeking an answer for what’s a key element of our alumni relationship with Yale SOM.

But we are not alone!

After blasting out an open invitation to support these efforts to our Class Secretaries, we successfully recruited 10 Alumni Social Media Champions who are volunteering their time in support of our school. They are:

  • Daniella Dominguez
  • Jennifer Peterson
  • Juan Pablo Zuñiga
  • Justin Tang
  • Kwame Amoako
  • Meriem Abahmaoui
  • Raymond Albuero
  • Vinod Palathinkara
  • William Biko Oteyo
  • Valentin Vermont

If you are also interested in this role, have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the Alumni Advisory Board at

I asked them what they think about our guiding question and why they are investing time and effort to help. This is what they told me.

What makes you an advocate for Yale SOM as a Social Media Champion?


Daniella Domingez '20

“For me, it is all about getting to know new people and socializing with like-minded peers.”


Vinod Palathinkara '02

“When I graduated, there was no social media explosion so, this opportunity to helps me learn more while I give back to SOM.” 


Meriem Abahmaoui '20

“I would like to help connect people from Yale SOM in my region. We sometimes focus too much on the United States.”

How might we better build loyalty and boost engagement in our alumni and student community?


Justin Tang '20

“We need to use Yale SOM’s gravitas and ‘name power’ to help busy alumni open emails from the school. A message from Dean Charles will call your attention when opening every email from the school after three months becomes hard to do.”  


William Biko Otweyo‘20

“Building loyalty can be difficult when you have such a large and diverse community. The important thing is to power individual connections, and maybe remember to send some ‘swag’ to alumni every once in a while.” 


Jennifer Peterson ‘15

“Alumni are presented with a choice: ‘do it’ by yourself walking solo, or turn to your alma mater to give first and get support. There is so much free stuff available to Yale SOM and Yale University alumni that needs to be more visible.”

Please reach out ( with ideas and feedback. 

BONUS: Join Yale SOM’s SocialToaster now! This is an easy and fun digital volunteer opportunity for alumni that helps the school to highlight all the interesting stories and content we share on your personal social media accounts.

Follow this link to join (and earn some cool swag too!): 

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