Alumni Advisory Board: Nominations Update and Slate Approval

May 4, 2021

With all that transpired in 2020 it would have been understandable to see a drop off in people keen to dedicate their time to the Yale SOM Alumni Advisory Board. Instead, it reminded of the well-known adage “For God, for Country, for Yale”. This year saw many strong candidates that really showed how diverse our community is. People across all time zones in the USA, Europe, North Asia and Southeast Asia submitted their statements of interest. Particularly impressive was the strong interest from many recent graduates looking to immediately contribute back to Yale. Needless to say, their backgrounds ran the gamut from traditional disciplines like management consulting to serial entrepreneurs in the renewables and healthcare space. 

This year’s slate was up against a very difficult challenge—only two available positions. As the board continues to expand and build awareness, thanks to our more global presence, we face the excruciating decision to forgo so many well qualified individuals. The Nominations Committee met with each applicant multiple times and after some heated discussions are excited to present our two finalists for the community’s thoughts.

For your consideration we would like to present Vivian Li and Stuart Tarmy. We invite you to make your voice heard. Please click the following link and register your preference with regard to the confirmation of the slate of nominees to the Yale SOM AAB, as put forward by the AAB Nominating Committee, for a three-year term starting July 1, 2021.

You may either approve the appointment of the full slate of nominees, withhold your approval from the entire slate of nominees, approve only some of the nominees, or abstain.

Thank you for participating and don’t hesitate to reach out to the Board ( with any thoughts you have.

Vivian Li, MAM ‘13

A serial entrepreneur in healthcare and education. Since 2007, Vivian co-founded two companies in healthcare industry specializing in healthcare management IT solutions; its products have served 600+ hospitals in China and overseas. In 2011, Vivian led a strategic acquisition of the first company, exited Mozi Healthcare at 10x PE. In 2016, Vivian co-founded Beijing DRGs Tech Co., ltd, catering to the grand national healthcare reform policy, providing DRGs cost-control and quality management solutions to connect and maximize efficiency among hospitals, government and medical insurance parties. Prior to that, Vivian also owned an early education center, worked at Stanleyworks for international trading. Vivian has a MBA degree from Renmin University and a MAM degree from Yale SOM. 

In August 2017, Vivian actively involved in launching YHCC (Yale Healthcare Club of China), with a mission to develop networking opportunities in healthcare industry for Yale alumni in China; to enhance industrial knowledge exchange within China and across borders, and most importantly, to boost Yale recognition in China’s healthcare industry and create social impact by promoting dialogues among academia, government and industry professionals. Since the official launch, YHCC has hosted 10+ events in Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco, covering important segments such as hospital investment, R&D of innovative drugs, precision treatment, as well as healthcare AI and big data. These events have attracted more than 1000 professionals to participate. YHCC was awarded with YAA Board of Governors Excellence Awards for 2019 and 2020.

Statement of Interest

As I often share with my daughters I regard what Yale has given me as a life-long asset. Other than the skill-sets gained, the most significant and meaningful part about this experience was a realization of a new life purpose: to create value and to give back. After Yale, they have been my guiding principles with work and life. Hence, the opportunity to serve at SOMAAB highly aligns with my mission and efforts in recent years; it’s consistent with what I've been working on with my own start-up and my service to the Yale Alumni Association community. I’d be more than honored to serve for the school and alumni leveraging my personal experience and expertise from my background. Thank you for the nomination and kind consideration. I look forward to contributing to the best of my ability.

Stuart Tarmy, MBA ‘87


Stuart is a Yale SOM ’87 graduate, and greatly enjoyed his time at SOM making new friendships and learning many valuable skills and ways of approaching and solving problems.  Stuart credits Yale with helping him develop the knowledge to transition from a previous technology-oriented career to take on broader management roles.  Stuart has remained active with Yale as a member of Yale Club of Central NJ and as an alumni interviewer for Yale College. 

Stuart has focused his career at the intersection of business and technology with high growth start-up, Inc 500 and Fortune 500 technology companies as a COO/GM and head of sales, partnerships and product management for leading global FinTech companies in the areas of trading/capital markets, electronic payments, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and data privacy.  Stuart is a frequent speaker and writer in these areas and has been named one of the top 10 most read authors by Dataversity. 

Several of these companies have been recognized by Gartner, Deloitte and the Inc 500 as some of the fastest growing technology businesses in the USA, which have led to two successful exits. Previously, Stuart has held executive roles with Fiserv, MasterCard, Bankers Trust and McKinsey, and began his career as a computer/advanced analytics design engineer at Texas Instruments developing AI/ML- based computing systems. 
Stuart lives in northern NJ with his wife, daughter and 8-year-old Yorkie.  In his spare time, he has worked with local middle school sports teams as a youth basketball coach and as a volunteer with the NJ Community Food Bank. 

Stuart holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management, an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Duke University and a Sc.B. with Honors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brown University. 

Statement of Interest

Yale SOM has been an important part of my life, which helped me develop new skills, accelerate my career, and where I developed many lifetime friendships. I’ve been fortunate to have attended Yale SOM, which provided me a springboard to take on leadership roles at some of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. For the past decades, I’ve watched from a distance as Yale SOM has grown and continued to excel with its distinctive mission. I believe that Yale SOM attracts the most diverse and talented group of business school students, and I would love to pay it forward; to work with the SOM leadership and faculty, students and alumni to contribute to its continued success.

I enrolled in Yale SOM with a background in software and computer engineering both from an educational (Sc.B., Brown; MS, Duke in Electrical/Computer Engineering) and work experience (software/computer engineer at Texas Instruments) background, which was not very similar to many other students at Yale at the time. While other business schools such as Stanford, Harvard or MIT might have been the more obvious choice, I felt that I already had a very strong quantitative background, and that Yale would provide more balance for me to learn more about business strategy, leadership and organizations at Yale. This proved to be the case, and Yale SOM allowed me to transition to the business side of technology firms by first joining McKinsey, which also provided me a platform to later join several Fortune 500 and high growth, VC-backed companies. I know that Yale SOM played an important role in preparing me for these new responsibilities.

The world is increasingly moving towards more digital, cloud, analytics experiences as we all know whether you work directly in these businesses or are a consumer of these solutions. (Thank you if you’re also a consumer!)  At $1.9 trillion, the tech sector accounts for an estimated 12% of the total U.S. economy, making it the third largest sector in the economy behind only manufacturing and government. I’d love the opportunity to share my experiences and work with the Yale SOM Board, faculty, current students and alumni to help the school further its reputation and success in this exciting industry.

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