Admissions Update from the Alumni Advisory Board

May 1, 2020

The Admissions Committee of the Alumni Advisory Board has been working with SOM’s Admissions office and we wanted to update you on how the pandemic is affecting admissions at SOM and how we as alumni can help the School at this extraordinary time.

Round 3 has now closed and interviews are being scheduled; decisions will go out May 19. Round 2 however, was difficult: in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, both GMAC and ETS closed the majority of their testing centers, making it impossible for many candidates to submit applications. In addition, social distancing mandates have overturned MBA aspirants’ lives and disrupted their ability to complete their applications.

In response, SOM,  similar to other top business schools, has set up a Round 3 Extended with a deadline on May 27. Many applicants have had difficulty finding a mechanism to sit for the GMAT or GRE, but now both GMAC and ETS have rolled out at-home versions of their tests. While some schools have waived the test score requirement, or in some instances are reconsidering applicants who had been denied earlier in the application season, SOM has not adopted any of these approaches, believing that they could lead to inequities among the overall candidate pool, and potentially a degradation of the School’s application standards. Notifications for Round 3 Extended will go out in mid-late June.

Given the repercussions from COVID-19 – the travel restrictions, visa processing suspension, and required social distancing -- the outlook for the remainder of the admissions season is challenging. 

What can we do as alums to help?

Continue to refer candidates! Given the uncertainty, this time represents a unique opportunity for qualified domestic applicants to consider a graduate degree from SOM. Talk to your friends and acquaintances. If they want to apply, use this link to make a referral:

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