Alumni Headlines

Chris Edell '08

February 17, 2016

Chris Edell ‘08, the CEO and Co-Founder of Elevar, shares the impact how Yale SOM has impacted his life and how the mission-focused nature of the school has played a key role in the way that his company approaches business problems.

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Lyron Bentovim '97

February 12, 2016

Lyron Bentovin has stayed connected to Yale SOM in a variety of different ways since his graduation, most recently in working with the NYC chapter. Mentoring is another important aspect of how Lyron gives back to the school, and below he shares how his nearly six year mentoring relationship with Dave Kaczorowski ’07 has grown throughout the years. For his part, Dave wishes more people would take advantage of the student/alumni mentoring program and credits Lyron with introducing him to many of the industry relationships he has and uses today.

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Devrim Celal '96

February 12, 2016

To say Devrim Celal is busy would be an understatement. Not only does he serve Yale SOM on the SOMAA board, but he is also the chapter leader for both London and Istanbul! He also finds time to serve as the Vice President Yale Club of Turkey among his other charitable and personal commitments. Devrim credits his respect for what Yale and SOM stand for as he gives back by staying engaged with the School and community.

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Dan Horan '95

February 12, 2016

Dan Horan has built his entire career post SOM on food and farming, culminating in his current position as Founder and CEO of Five Acre Farms, a company dedicated to providing local food products to the supermarket. All of Five Acre’s products are prepared within 275 miles of where they’re sold, and Dan’s main focus is on growing the region’s economy and being a part of the community. Below Dan explains how he went from student to farmer to “king.”

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Guillaume Lesay '93

February 12, 2016

Guillaume Lesay truly knows what it means to have a global perspective, as the Yale SOM chapter leader in France, and as a long-time global employee of GE—currently working as an Operations Leader in Paris. It is no surprise then, that Guillaume is most excited about the school’s recent MAM and Global Network initiatives, which he says are “the only way forward for education, business, society, and everyone’s personal development.”

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Edna Novak '08

February 12, 2016

Edna Novak may lead one of the school’s smallest alumni chapters in New Zealand (six people strong), but is nonetheless dedicated to bringing the group together and building a community. As Edna states, “All of the SOM alumni in New Zealand are so interesting and inspiring in their own life and career choices. I’ve really appreciated having those connections to reach out to in my move overseas, and the generosity of advice and support they have provided (thanks Jon, Lance, Chris, Doug, Barry, and Lewis!).”

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Mark Culliton '95

February 9, 2016

“I use my SOM network as often as I do those learned skills. I am very close to a handful of my classmates who I consider some of my best friends. A group of us have been getting together and traveling from one place or another for a number of years now. I lean on them when times are tough, be it at work, at home or otherwise. They are like brothers to me.” 

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