Yale SOM transcripts are maintained permanently in the Office of Student and Academic Services. They are released only with the written authorization of the student/alumnus. All transcripts list courses successfully completed; grades are not indicated, with the exception of Distinction, which is noted with an asterisk (*) or for those who matriculated in Fall 2014 and beyond, High Honors/Honors (HH and H). GPA and class rank are not computed.

To obtain a copy of your transcript, please download and complete the Alumni Transcript Request Form and mail or fax to:

Office of Student and Academic Services, Transcript Request
Yale School of Management
Box 208200
New Haven, CT 06520-8200
FAX: 203-432-9916

(Note: Federal law requires a signature on all transcript requests. Therefore emailed requests will not be accepted unless a signed, scanned copy of the completed form is attached to the email. An email address is listed on the form.)

The processing fee is $7.00 for the first transcript and $3.00 for each additional transcript ordered at the same time. Payment must be made in advance with a credit card (MasterCard or Visa; provide account number and expiration date) or a check payable to Yale University (drawn on a U.S. bank). Requests are normally processed within 3 business days. For FedEx return service, the transcript request must include a FedEx account number or a credit card number. DHL return service requires an account number. Transcripts cannot be faxed, as they include the embossed seal of the school.

For more information please contact the Yale SOM registrar.

Note: Yale professional schools do not participate in DegreeVerfiy. Please contact the Yale SOM registrar directly at 203-432-6011 or fax 203-432-9916 or