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SOM Honor Committee, Summary of Fall Semester Actions

February 13th, 2003

In the fall semester a student was found guilty of plagiarism, and was suspended for one week.

Art & Culture SIG

February 13th, 2003

The Marriage of Figaro & Yale SOM in Concert

Economic Development SIG

February 13th, 2003

Thursday, February 20 Michael Woolcock Social Scientist, Development Research Group The World Bank

Shyam Sunder and Shin'ichi Hirota Land Research in Experimental Economics in SmartMoney

February 13th, 2003

The recent work of Professor Shyam Sunder and Research Fellow Shin'ichi Hirota was mentioned in a SmartMoney article on Shareholder Paydays.

Jeff Sonnenfeld in the News on CEOs, Leadership, and Corporate Governance

February 13th, 2003

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld appeared recently in USA Today (Feb. 12) discussing CEOs and how recent troubles can affect the rest of the organization; and in USA Today (Feb. 6) and the Atlanta Business Chronicle (Feb. 7) addressing the leadership crisis at Sprint and BellSouth.

Doug Rae on Former New Haven Mayor, Richard Lee

February 13th, 2003

Douglas Rae was in the Hartford Courant discussing the passing of former New Haven Mayor Richard C. Lee (Feb. 3). Professor Rae called Lee "the most important figure in New Haven's 20th century."

Ira Millstein Working with GE on Corporate Governance Issues

February 13th, 2003

Ira M. Millstein was cited in USA Today regarding GE shareholders getting a chance to vote on a proposal to split the chairman and CEO positions.

Ted Marmor Helps Shape the Debate on Health Care Reform in U.S. and Canada

February 13th, 2003

Ted Marmor discussed "Who's Shaping the Debate on Health Care Reform" in an Op-Ed in the Hartford Courant (Feb. 12), and the politics of Medicare and the recent plan to create an outpatient prescription drug benefit for Medicare beneficiaries in Newsday (Feb. 8, 2003).

Roger Ibbotson Team's Up with Yale's William Nordhaus for Online Course

February 13th, 2003

Roger Ibbotson (and Yale economics professor William Nordhaus) will be participating in an online forum on Managing the Economy: Strategies for an Uncertain Time, beginning Feb. 12.

Paul Bracken in Israel on Integration of Strategy and Technology

February 13th, 2003

Paul Bracken led an executive program for the Israeli Air Force on the integration of strategy and technology in Tel Aiv in January.